Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The World’s Worst Comedian stopped by my living room the other night to share his humorous observations.

“So I’m looking through my morning newspaper and I see an ad for a pizza joint. The ad says that to make my pizza meal complete, I can add a two-liter Pepsi and an order of Crazy Bread.

“Now, I understand the Pepsi, because that’s an all natural beverage and quite healthy for you. But Crazy Bread?

“I don’t know about you, but while I’m eating a pizza--which is, um, bread—why would I want to add more bread to it?

“And if I already had bread in my pizza, how would adding more bread make this meal in any way more complete?

“Are they calling it Crazy Bread so they can trick people into thinking that it’s really not bread--it’s Crazy Bread!

“I say you would have to be Crazy to even eat it!”

…And then, as mysteriously as he appeared, the World’s Worst Comedian vanished, leaving nothing behind but the stench of stale cigar smoke, and a hearty “Hey-Oh!”


  1. If eating Crazy Bread makes me crazy then I'm co co for coo coo puffs

  2. I LOVE CRAZY BREAD. I don't bother with the pizza part. Little Ceasars is yucky.

  3. Don't u know 'bread is the staff of life'? Thats an old adage & very true. Every meal MUST include bread even tho the meal consists of pizza. Come on, now, thats just common knowledge & cannot be disputed!!